Johni Degroot

Born in Holland, Johni Degroot emigrated to Calgary as a young girl. She eventually moved to Vancouver to further a modeling career.

Johni started “The Sample Room” in the mid-80’s. The first fashion wholesale ‘open to the public’ (a ‘precursor to’ Winners) and it  grew to include a restaurant, bar and shoe store in what is now Yaletown.

Johni has always had a passion for houses; having owned a custom built “Arthur Erickson” on the north shore of Vancouver. This interest and an eye for design started her on an interior design career and eventually led her to a career in real estate.

She purchased a ranch in Westbridge, British Columbia, Canada on the banks of the Kettle River in 1992. Like so many before her, she fell in love with the lifestyle and surroundings and moved to the ranch permanently in 2000, leaving the pressures of the big city behind.


Since moving to the area Johni has embraced all that country living has to offer. She brought her skills in selling real estate and currently hangs her real estate license at Macdonald Realty Kelowna. After a few years selling real estate from Osoyoos Johni realized the need for a local Kettle Valley specialist. She now focuses primarily on the rural areas south of Kelowna and east of Osoyoos and works mostly from home at the Old Cowboy Ranch - Macdonald Realty's newest B-Ranch office!. Beaverdell, Rock Creek, Christian Valley, Midway, Greenwood, Bridesville, Regal Ridge are all desirable places for city dwellers wanting a country destination.

Business has been good and Johni has been part of CB’s International Presidents Circle for the past three years and is a member of the Top 50 in Canada for Listings Sold, Closed Revenue Units and Gross Commission Income.

The Kettle Valley is a place where you can truly enjoy the freedom of living in superior surroundings, with our many lakes, the Kettle River and an abundance of crown land. Privacy is important yet community participation is still relevant. This area still has the privacy, peace and serenity that British Columbia is known for. If you haven’t been to Rock Creek Fair you are missing a lot of fun. The second weekend in September Rock Creek hosts the 2nd biggest agricultural fair in B.C. Thousands of folks come from all over for the country fair!

Johni’s ranch on the banks of the Kettle River, The Old Cowboy Ranch, is a constant source of fun for her. First a riverside campground, the ranch has become so much more. It now offers a camp store with dry goods, organic eggs, pork and chicken, all grown on the ranch; ice cream, pop, candy, chips, toys and more. An antique store, with everything from cowboy boots to peacock earrings, opened in 2005.

There is also an ever increasing animal population, often referred to as “Johni’s Arc” as there seems to be two of everything….emus, llamas, peacocks, goats, horses, ducks, geese, cows, chickens, roosters, cats, dogs and even a donkey!

The ranch went a step further with the addition of the Guesthouse (on the ranch) and the Riverview Cottages (located in Rock Creek), year-round accommodations for daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Please feel free to visit our website for more details on everything the Old Cowboy Ranch has to offer,


Testimonial:  Hi Johni,  I wanted to send you a short note to thank you personally for your excellent service as a realtor to me on my visit to Boundary Country in November.  I think I mentioned it, but I was treated better by you than any other realtor I encountered on the trip.  Not that they were bad, just that you added in those little extras that they did not and that made a difference to me.  From your warm, friendly introduction and welcome to all the personal service and being able to meet a few of the locals, it all added up to stellar service to me and I was pleasantly surprised.  Your knowledge of the area, professionalism, courtesy and patience made all the difference; we never seem to get enough of that now-a-days.   Colin     



Johni loves where she lives! She loves it so much she wants to share it with YOU – let Johni show you what the Kettle Valley has to offer!

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